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“Sustain seeks to defang female sexuality by peddling vegan, fair trade condoms in subtle packaging.”

“Condoms that are sustainably produced, Fair Trade, and lack some of the nasty chemicals found in popular brands.”

"This new brand feels the same as the rubbers you’re used to, so you won’t notice a difference in that department."

Did You Know?

50% of pregnancies in the U.S. are unintended among 15-44 year olds.

Only 19% of single women in the U.S. regularly use condoms!

1 in 50 people have had sex on a plane.

10% of our profits support women’s reproductive healthcare.

70% of Americans have had sex in a car.

Our condoms are Fair Trade certified.

Sustain is a certified B-Corporation.

#1 biggest cause of global climate change? Overpopulation.

All of our condoms are free of Nitrosamines.

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50% of the Sustain company is owned by women.

People are talking...

People are talking...

From the New York Post to Cosmo, we've gotten some serious media attention.

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Welcome Offer

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10% 4 Women

10% 4 Women

We donate 10% percent of profits to women's reproductive health organizations in the U.S.

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